Sportcuf Product Launch:

The SPORTCUF is a safety device for retaining instruments onto a given part of the body, preventing undesirable movement and/or loss while participating in sporting activities.

The SPORTCUF is worn over any instrument traditionally attached with straps or by bracelet.

While scuba diving instruments such as wrist computers and diving watches attached to the divers arm become loose as the diver descends into deeper water.  The deeper the water the looser the instrument becomes.

The instruments will then roll or move down on the diverís wrist making the reading annoying and cumbersome if possible at all.

In order to prevent the movement of instruments; certain divers will sometimes over-tighten the restraining straps. In most circumstances this reduces blood circulation which at the very least proves to be uncomfortable. More importantly, this practice represents a serious health concern for divers.

  • The SPORTCUF is engineered to prevent movement and loss of any instrument.  

  • The SPORTCUF is manufactured from a pliable material composite and is worn over any instruments. 

A layer of water generates adherence in the form of suction between the SPORTCUF and the material or skin. This feature enables any instrument to be fixed at the desired location on the body with no potential for movement either from shock or vibration. 

  • The SPORTCUF possesses a hole customized to the instrument that on average is about 2.5cm to 5cm in diameter which permits the reading of the instrument.  

  • The SPORTCUF is available in a variety of sizes for use directly on the skin or in conjunction with wet and dry suits alike.

  • The SPORTCUF comes in variety of colors and can be customized with corporate logos for advertising purposes.

  • The SPORTCUF is a cost effective accessory to anything that is currently attached with straps to the body.



  • Prevents loss of valuable instruments.
  • Inhibits undesirable rotation or movement.


Ideal for:

  • Wrist Mounted Computers

  • Bottom Timers

  • Navigation Instruments

  • Wrist Mounted Depth Gauges

  • Many models of Dive Watches

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